Various problems with the pipeline video approach as a stand alone septic inspection are:

* house to tank pipeline video tells you nothing about whether a septic field is functioning

* camera does not tell us anything about seepage from the septic field to areas down slope of the septic field such as surrounding water bodies, ditches, etc

* we have done video inspections in pipes where a certain Pipeline Video Inspection company had a client in tears and indicated there was a problem with the septic field when it was just a tree root pushing up on the pipe exiting the septic tank to the septic field and the other side of the pipe and drainage into the field indicated no problems

* we have done inspections where the tank had been leaking at a crack in the concrete structure of the septic tank and the effluent level in the septic tank before it was pumped out was 2 feet below the outlet pipe and it was not mentioned by the Pipeline Video Inspection company, so no liquid or limited effluent was ever reaching the septic field and the camera inspection from the septic tank to the septic field indicated no sludge challenges in the pipe, however our QP2 Septic Field Inspection showed wet areas with no odour where effluent had leached out of the septic tank onto the ground up slope of the septic disposal field.

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