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5 Reasons why it pays to use a Mortgage Broker

Save Time and Energy: Shopping for products and rates can consume a lot of your personal time. Mortgage Brokers can shop a number of lenders in the time it takes you to make an appointment with a bank.

Mortgage Broker vs bank rep: Mortgages aren’t a sideline for brokers as they are for some bank reps. We simply specialize in mortgages.

Unbiased advice: Mortgage Brokers are not tied to a particular lender.
We go where the best products and rates are. Bank reps work for the Bank. Mortgage Brokers work for you with your best interests in mind.

Brokers make Mortgage Lenders compete: Mortgage Brokers have the ability to shop your application to ensure that you get the lowest interest rate.

More Choices: Mortgage Brokers are not dedicated to a specific lender so we can offer a full spectrum of mortgage products from virtually any lender in the market ensuring you get the best product. 

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